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Holiday Tactical Gift Guide: What to Buy for the Shooter in Your Life

T​he holidays are officially here, and with the chaos of Black Friday in the rear-view mirror, some of you might still need to get a gift for the gun enthusiast in your life.

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T​he holidays are officially here, and with the chaos of Black Friday in the rear-view mirror, some of you might still need to get a gift for the gun enthusiast in your life. Luckily, we’re here to help. Check out our 2021 Tactical Gift Guide to hook your shooter up right.

Tactical Watches Holiday Gifts

2021 Tactical Gift Guide

Our Tactical Gift Guide should give you plenty of ideas ranging from affordable to expensive for the shooter in your life. Unless of course you just want to go wild and get them a set of panoramic night vision goggles, because hey who doesn’t have $41,000 to drop on a friend, right?


Sure, these are great hearing protection for the range, but during the holidays they can also pull double duty by blocking out the unwanted sounds of extended family members arguing. Plus, they’re electronic, so can finally have the selective hearing your spouse has been accusing you of having. Roll the switch on, and you can hear casual conversation with ease. With the electronic ear protection turned off, the NRR 23 sound reduction moves you into a quiet place inside your own head. The Slim Digital Razors are a great choice for the Tactical Gift Guide.


Give the gift of lumens with the Surefire X300U-A weapon mounted light. At $329, this gift is reserved for someone you really like. Or for someone that you want to have a fantastic weapon mounted light, whichever. The X300U-A features Surefire’s Rail-Lock system, that allows for easy on/off capability on multiple platforms. Plus, it’s putting out a healthy 1,000 lumens, bright enough to light anyone’s way on a dark and snowy night. 

Magpul Pivot Eyewear

Finally, eye protection that doesn’t look like it was issued by the military as cheap as possible or scavenged from the 1980s. The Magpul Pivot Eyewear offers impact protection that looks stylish as well. These would be a great choice for sun protection driving to the range. Then on the range they’ll work as eye protection. After that, you can drive home, still looking great, and get the benefits of the polarized lenses. One option is also available for a non-polarized lens if that’s more your style. The non-polarized version is available for $99, which makes a great stocking stuffer. 

Tactical Life Subscription

A​ little bit of self-promotion is normal, right? But for the firearms enthusiast in your life, what could be better than a magazine subscription to keep them up to date? They’ll get info on the latest in guns, gear, and training; all delivered to their front door. Or you can opt for a digital subscription which sends issues directly to your phone, tablet, or computer for you to read at your leisure.

Beretta Tactical Backpack

Beretta tactical backpack in black

Everyone needs a good backpack, and the Tactical Backpack from Beretta is a great choice. Available in both coyote tan or black, the Beretta backpack features two large main compartments, a coin/creds pouch, and a water bladder storage area with a pass-through for the drinking tube. The exterior of the pack also features a laser cut MOLLE panel, perfect for any additional pouches you’d want to attack to the kit. At $139, the Italian made bag is affordable and extremely useful.

Hoppes Universal Field Cleaning Kit 

C​leaning guns is a lot less fun than shooting them, but it still needs to be done from time to time, right? Well if all you’re interested in is the bare minimum of cleaning, the Universal Field Cleaning Kit is for you. It’s everything you need to toss a quick clean on a rifle, shotgun, or pistol in the field. The Universal Field Cleaning Kit includes: Five-piece aluminum cleaning rod, Hoppe’s No. 9 Aerosol Gun Bore Cleaner, Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil, three nylon slotted ends, and cleaning patches all for less than $35.

Lyman Universal Brass Catcher 

Times are tough for ammo, and if you’re a reloader saving your brass is critical. If you reload for the AR15 platform rifle, this can be a problem because some ARs like to launch spent brass into another county. The Lyman Universal Brass Catcher solves that problem by fitting over your rifle’s ejection port and grabbing any spent brass before it can hit the ground. This is also nice if you shoot outdoors and want to keep your brass from getting muddy or dirty. The Brass Catcher runs just $32. Not a bad addition to a Tactical Gift Guide, right?

Streamlight TLR-7 Sub Ultra -Compact Tactical Pistol Light 

Some of you might have seen the X-300 and thought it was great, but realized it won’t fit on some compact pistols. Would you know it, the person you’re buying a present for has a compact pistol. What to do? Thank Santa for the StreamlightTLR-7 then, which has 500 lumens in a compact package that fits most compact carry guns. The TLR-7 also is an affordable option, tipping the scales just over $100.

Aloha Lever Action Christmas Button Up

Aloha lever action shirt

T​his is the perfect gift for your shooting buddy that also has impeccable taste and style. Imagine seeing your friend show up to the office Christmas party rocking one of these shirts. Everyone would immediately be jealous of their fit, as the red shirt immediately invokes memories of classic Christmas movies. It also looks great, and is the perfect compliment to your “friend’s” Hawaiian shirt collection for just $50.

Brownells Gift Card

Last, if you can’t figure out what to get your friend that loves all things shooting, there’s always old reliable: the gift card. Specifically, a gift card to Brownells, where gun enthusiasts can get everything from parts, to holsters, ammo, and even complete guns. The best thing is that you can get a Brownells card as an electronic gift card, or a real physical card that gets mailed to your recipient. It’s the perfect way to close out the Tactical Gift Guide.

Hopefully our Tactical Gift Guide will get on the right path for the holidays. 

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