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National Safety Shelters Repurposes Safety Pods To Protect Government Officials From Violent Attacks

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In response to the January 6 attack on the Capitol Building and the alarming Capitol Police report of a “107% increase in threats against Members [of Congress] compared to 2020,” National Safety Shelters is repurposing its line of Hide-Away safety pods and proposing that Congress consider acquiring them to protect Members and their staff from future violent attacks.


The Hide-Away safety pods are bolt-together steel structures that provide instant access to safety from violent attacks and certain natural disasters (tornadoes, earthquakes). Fabricated using military-grade ballistic American steel, they protect against rounds shot from commonly used firearms and semi-automatic weapons like the AK47 and AR15. They also offer protection from the blast and shrapnel of IEDs.

Originally designed to withstand the forces of EF-5 tornadoes and falling debris from earthquakes, the Hide-Away pods have since been installed in K-12 schools to protect students and staff from active shooters and tornadoes (in tornado prone areas). They are the only safety measure currently available that provides instant access to near-absolute protection.

Small pods can be placed in personal offices and homes to protect from one to several individuals, whereas larger models can accommodate from dozens to hundreds of occupants, depending on the need. Each can be custom configured to fit into just about any available space.

With a safety pod in each office, Members and staff can now have an unprecedented level of security that no other safety measure can achieve – instant protection. In addition to their use at the Capitol Complex, Members could also install them in their homes and district offices.

This economical security safety net would only require a minute fraction of the $1.9 billion spending bill that Congress is currently proposing for security upgrades.


Notably, the Hide-Away safety pods and shelters satisfy the recommendations outlined in the Capitol Security Review released on March 5, 2021 by Task Force 1-6  led by retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré. The recommendations seek “to improve the security of the Capitol, Members, and staff” in ways that will not reduce “physical access to the Capitol Complex.”

Being that the pods would be installed either inside personal offices or at other easily accessible interior locations throughout the Complex, there would be no impact on physical access to either the Capitol Building or other office buildings within the Complex. Should a violent attack occur, casualties could virtually be eliminated.

In view of the current threat level to Members and the uptick in mass shootings this year (212 as of 5/13), National Safety Shelters is in the process of introducing this innovative security safety net to all 535 Members of Congress, federal security and law enforcement agencies and all 50 state governments.

For more information please contact Sarah Corrado at 1-772-248-0236 or

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